Around Town

Dining in Aspen

In town you’ll find a wide variety of dining options, from casual bar food and award winning vegan cuisine to world-class gourmet restaurants. Click here for a recent, rated listing of Aspen restaurants.


As a playground for Hollywood galmourati and home of the winter X-Games, Aspen has a reputation as a party town. While things do cool down a bit in springtime, you’ll find Aspen’s pubs, clubs, and microbreweries alive and kickin’, without the peak season crowds.

Arts and Entertainment

Aspen is known for its vibrant community of artists and musicians, nurtured by the town’s many public programs (notably the Aspen Music Festival and Aspen Filmfest) and the inspiring scenery. A great place to catch some authentic bluegrass Music.

Getting Around

Aspen is a compact town, and the conference venue and hotel are within walking distance of downtown shops and restaurants.
View Map Click image for a map of Aspen showing the hotel and meeting site.

Aspen Meadows Shuttle

The conference hotel provides a convenient free shuttle into town that runs from 7:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m. daily.

Public Transportation

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority

The RFTA’s fleet of convenient buses run frequently on a variety of routes around town

Aspen is well served by the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus system, and service in town is free. For maps and schedules, check the RFTA website.

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